Name Nicole Couch
Gender Female
Age 10
Debut Snowboard Kids Plus
Top Speed Good
Cornering Fair
Tricks Fair
  • Appearances: Snowboard Kids Plus
  • Japanese Name: Nicole Couch ( ニコル=カウチ - NIKORU KAUCHI )
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 10

Nicole is the daughter of the Couch Company's founder, and goes to a school in a nearby town. She has despised Linda Maltinie ever since she was called "Upstart Girl" by her, and the fact that their fathers are also feuding doesn't help matters any. Despite this, Nicole has good relations with everyone else.

Snowboard Kids PlusEdit

  • English Voice: None
  • Japanese Voice: Konami Yoshida
  • Speed: 2½
  • Corner: 1½
  • Trick: 1½

Nicole was outraged to learn that Linda had hosted a tournament without her knowledge, and arranged a new competition simply out of spite. To top this off, she even dares her rival to snort spaghetti through her nose if she loses.

Special TricksEdit

Before attempting a Special Trick, make sure you hold the X button down until after you have entered the commands. "N" is the neutral position and "360°" means to rotate the joystick clockwise.

  • Nicole Spin: ←・→
  • Nicole LR: ←・→・←・→
  • Nicole Slowly: ↑・↓・↑・↓
  • Nicole Slowly S: ↑・↓・N・←